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  • la lettre de la photographie . com

    06/04/2012 8694 visites

    Born from a dream and from our assessment that in the current new medias no one was covering photography in its entire extent, our Lettre shares and informs daily on the events in the world of photography.

    The web site is deemed free and all the featured contents are free to the viewers, without any previous engagement from them. The web site covers entirely all the current events in the world of photography, with the exception of the technical aspects.

    Available in English and French, La lettre is featured in the form of a “newsletter”, a web site and an iPad application to all audiences interested in photography. http://lalettredelaphotographie.com

  • Musee magazine NY USA

    06/04/2012 8819 visites

    Musée Magazine USA based magazine.

    Created par Andrea Blanch.

    Musée Magazine is a visually-driven photography magazine dedicated to displaying the work of international emerging photographers.

    Musée Magazine, seeks to provide a venue for new photographers, with the necessary exposure to launch their future careers.

    The online publication is going to be released 4 times a year. Available on the website.

    Every Musée edition is going to have a different theme, with the purpose of providing an interactive and dymanic plattform as well as an inspirational  guide for  those  who are looking for new talent.


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